Why Hair Loss During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women produce a lot of the hormone estrogen in their bodies. One of the functions of these hormones is to promote hair growth. On average, as many as 90 percent of pregnant women have good hair growth tendencies. Then why does hair fall out during pregnancy? In addition to producing the hormone estrogen, pregnant women also have Tellogen efflurium, which is a compound that causes the dormant phase of pregnant women’s hair. The remaining 10 percent will fall out after going into a hibernation period of hair, which will then grow back visit www.bestcancelcompanies.com.

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Why does hair fall out during pregnancy – Shutterstock[/caption ]

Perhaps when you are pregnant, you will be worried about seeing the amount of hair loss that is so much unlike when you are single. Actually this is a reasonable thing that can be understood in the health sciences. When the hair has fallen out, there will be a phase of its own when the hair grows back.

Why Do Women Lose Hair During Pregnancy?

Syndrome during pregnancy

This syndrome is usually caused by genetics or heredity. The state of mind and body is also very influential on the resistance or dorma phase of the hair. Why excessive hair loss it is a normal process of the body’s cell system that sends signals to the brain to produce the hormone estrogen, then these signals meet the state of mind or body, so the effect can be on hair growth. Actually, this disorder does not focus on growth hormones, but is congenital.

Miscarriage in utero

There is a situation when the baby in a pregnant woman is actually dead but the mother does not know. One of the characteristics of this condition is the mother’s hair is experiencing severe and unnatural loss. Why does hair fall out due to miscarriage in the womb? The answer is because the body no longer produces the hormone estrogen, and other hormones are inhibited by the presence of the deceased fetus in the womb.

Discontinuing birth control pills

When women take birth control pills, the body will receive the effects of the pills for a long time according to the capacity of time. The question is, why does the hair fall out so oftenwhen its use is discontinued? Chemical drugs that are already in the body of a pregnant woman do not immediately disappear along with the active period of the pill. There is a residue that is deposited which indeed takes time to remove periodically. One of the effects is hair loss.

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Why Hair Loss is Severe and What is its Accumulation Capacity

If the amount is not small and persists continuously, the loss will definitely reduce the amount of hair. Why is my hair falling out so badly? This is due to the cessation of the productivity process of the hormone estrogen, especially when women who are pregnant have given birth. Estrogen is released with the placenta during delivery, this condition will automatically reduce the amount of estrogen present, and the result is severe hair loss. However, such a situation will recover as the condition of the body improves after giving birth. The fertile phase will return a few months later, and it is also the phase for hair regrowth.

The problem of hair loss is felt by most women who are pregnant. After knowing the reason why hair falls out when a woman is pregnant, there must be a wise plan to welcome the day

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